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Australian on-line Mobile Phone Magazine
 One stop mobile phone reviews, mobile phone deals and buyer guide. With the latest news on mobile phone technology, reviews on the newest mobile phones.

GSM World - the website of the GSM Association
 The GSM Association (GSMA) is the global trade association that exists to promote, protect and enhance the interests of GSM mobile operators throughout the world. At the end of July 2005, it consisted of 680 second and third generation mobile operators and more than 150 manufacturers and suppliers. The Association's members provide mobile services to approaching 1.47 billion customers across more than 210 countries and territories around the world. - GSM reviews, opinions, votes, manuals, ringtones... - The ultimate resource for GSM handset information.
 An idea of our project,, is to create a professional site, devoted to all mobile things. Now we develop a section, where all information connected with cellular phones and accessories is collected. We try to publish the most new and interesting data that you never find in off-line editions. Due to our sources, we often publish exclusive information, which is not available even on other web-resources.

TuxMobil: Linux With Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs and Mobile Cell Phones
 Free tips and tricks, HOWTOs, FAQs, drivers and software for Linux, BSD and other UniX systems on or with laptops, notebooks, PDAs, handhelds, mobile cellular phones and other mobile computers.

zvonenia, polyfonní melodie, java hry, obrázky, témy, zvuky, sms
 Zvonenia, polyfonní melodie, java hry, obrázky, témy, zvuky, sms.

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