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pagelogo101 Cool Smartphone Techniques: Covers Series 60 Phones from Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, Sendo, and more!
 Your Series 60 smartphone is one really cool gadget. Here’s how to take advantage of 101 reasons why they call it “smart”. This is no boring user’s manual, but the key that unlocks tricks you never guessed your phone could do. Find out how to blacklist unwanted calls, set your camera features on “fast draw” so you never miss a shot, create your own ringtones, send video, encrypt data on your phone, install and remove software, and so much more.
 details: ISBN: 0764579428| pages: 408| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

pagelogo185 Wireless Secrets: Unleash the Power of PDAs, Cell Phones and Wireless Networks
 Do more than you ever thought possible with wireless technology! Packed with insider tips, tricks, timesavers, and workarounds, this unique guide shows you step by step how to make the most of today’s most popular wireless networks and mobile wireless devices. From planning and setting up a wireless network, to using a media hub to enjoy your music and photo collections, to designing and downloading your own logo screens and graphics, this book delivers all the secrets you need to get more done in less time, save money, and become a wireless-savvy user!
 details: ISBN: 0764568140| pages: 408| language: english| published: 2004| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoAn Introduction to Gsm (The Artech House Mobile Communications)
 Discusses the global system for mobile communications. Of interest to engineers and technicians who want a comprehensive introduction to GSM. DLC: Mobile communication systems.
 details: ISBN: 0890067856| pages: 400| language: english| published: 1995| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoBlackBerry For Dummies (For Dummies)
 BlackBerry devices from Research in Motion (RIM) are today’s fastest growing handhelds; in May 2005, RIM reported more than three million subscribers, up from two million in November 2004. This guide comes to the rescue of BlackBerry users who are baffled by the confusing and inadequate official documentation. Offers easy-to-understand explanations of core features as well as savvy real-world tips and tricks to get more out of e-mail, business applications, utilities, and even games. Clearly delineates differences in various models and applications using tables, graphs, and sidebars.
 details: ISBN: 0471757411| pages: 360| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoBlackBerry in a Snap (Sams Teach Yourself)
 Wish your BlackBerry 7100 had come with a little more meat in the owner's manual? BlackBerry 7100 In a Snap is your wish come true. This task-oriented guide goes well beyond the BlackBerry 7100 owner's manual and guides you through its devices using practical usage scenarios. You will learn how to: manage your BlackBerry 7100 from your desktop, take control of e-mail with the built-in Web Client, text message, use your BlackBerry 7100 as the ultimate mobile phone, manage your time with the calendar, organize your to-do list with tasks.
 details: ISBN: 0672326701| pages: 384| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoFirst Week With My New Digital Organizer: A Very Basic Guide to Palm OS Pdas
 The First Week With My New Digital Organizer takes the mystery out of all this "tapping and beaming." In basic terms and in a logical sequence, the reader learns the parts and pieces of a variety of PDAs that use the Palm Operating System®. Learn how to perform all those tasks you bought a PDA for: organizing an Address Book, keeping a Calendar, making Notes, recording Expenses, and remembering your "To Do" list. In addition learn the tricks of the special written language called Grafitti and all the easy ways to synchronize information.
 details: ISBN: 1892123835| pages: 242| language: english| published: 2002| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoGPRS in Practice: A Companion to the Specifications
 Professionals quickly discover that, although the technical specifications for GPRS cover all parts of the engineering functions in detail and depth, they are lacking in one important feature; the conceptual framework within which the specifications sit - GPRS in Practice fills this gap. By beginning with an explanation of why GPRS is necessary and describing the core concept of GPRS operations, the TBF (Temporary Block Flow), a revision section then covers the GSM Air Interface with its Radio, Physical and Logical channels and this progressively leads to the GPRS logical channels.
 details: ISBN: 0470095075| pages: 394| language: english| published: 2004| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoGSM Switching, Services, and Protocols
 Since the publication of the first edition the number of GSM subscribers has exploeded and it is now deployed in more than 140 countries worldwide. Revised and updated GSM Switching, Services and Protocols now features the abundant new services and applications that GSM can provide. By focusing on the fundamentals of the mobile radio systems, it provides an excellent introductory insight to the whole area of GSM cellular radio. By providing an easy-to-follow instructive text, this second edition will have insight appeal to telecommunication engineers, researchers and developers.
 details: ISBN: 047149903X| pages: 332| language: english| published: 2001| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoGSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance : Evolution Towards 3G/UMTS
 GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance - Second Edition provides a complete overview of the entire GSM system. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the digital transmission technique widely adopted in Europe and supported in North America. It features comprehensive descriptions of GSM’s main evolutionary milestones - GPRS, (General Packet Radio Services) is a packet-based wireless communication service that promises data rates from 56 up to 114 Kbps and continuous connection to the Internet for mobile phone and computer users.
 details: ISBN: 0470866942| pages: 654| language: english| published: 2003| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoHow to Do Everything with Your BlackBerry, Second Edition
 Learn to communicate in the wireless e-mail and Internet landscape. Discover how Blackberry--the portable, pocket-size wireless device-connects you to corporate e-mail and calendars, lets you create instant memos, and offers extensions like RIM Wallet for secure online purchases. Written by an experienced author and trainer, How to Do Everything with Your Blackberry guides you through every feature of the Blackberry and leads you to maximized functionality.
 details: ISBN: 0072255870| pages: 368| language: english| published: 2004| vendor: Amazon

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