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pagelogoeMbedded Visual Basic: Windows CE and Pocket PC Mobile Applications
 This book is an in-depth exploration into eVB\'s inherent features, and how to use them to solve likely mobile application programming tasks. After reading the book the reader will be able to write applications tackling a wide array of business problems for Windows CE-powered devices, both customized and for PocketPC and Handheld PC products. This book will help ease the transition into the language, and provide a reference for even more experienced developers.
 details: ISBN: 0672322773| pages: 400| language: english| published: 2001| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoFlash: The Future: Pocket PC / DVD / ITV / Video / Game Consoles / Wireless
 Flash: The Future is the most comprehensive guide to developing Flash applications for Internet-enabled devices and platforms. Readers learn how to design Flash applications for Pocket PCs; develop games for different portable devices; integrate Flash with Microsoft eVB and eVC business applications; and create Flash for DVD and interactive TV playback. The CDROM includes code and examples from the book, plus bonus developer tools for Pocket PC.
 details: ISBN: 1886411964| pages: 440| language: english| published: 2002| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoHow to Do Everything with Your iPAQ Pocket PC
 Use your iPAQ as a portable entertainment station for music, movies, games, and more. Learn how to connect your device wirelessly through your personal wireless network or through a public carrier, and integrate the iPAQ into your mobile lifestyle—including complete email and Internet use.
 details: ISBN: 0072229500| pages: 424| language: english| published: 2003| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoHow to Do Everything with Your Pocket PC, Fourth Edition
 The new edition of this bestseller will offer complete coverage of Microsoft's upcoming operating system, Windows Mobile -- designed to run on both Pocket PCs and Smartphones. The book explains how to use the new OS features as well as the applications that ship with each device. Readers will learn to merge a mobile phone, wireless web device, appointment book, digital camera, notepad, gaming device, address book, MP3 player, and GPS device into one powerful and versatile handheld unit.
 details: ISBN: 0072262508| pages: 512| language: english| published: 2006| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoJava Development on PDAs: Building Applications for Pocket PC and Palm Devices
 This comprehensive tutorial and reference provides an in-depth look at developing PDA software with J2ME and PersonalJava, covering both Palm and PocketPC devices. Succinct and practical, Java™ Development on PDAs focuses on real-world programming tasks with extensive code examples and an end-to-end PDA application. You will learn to develop Java applications for PocketPC and Palm devices through in-depth coverage of: J2ME configurations, CLDC and CDC profiles, PDA user interfaces, storing information, internet access via a GSM phone and Bluetooth.
 details: ISBN: 0201719541| pages: 256| language: english| published: 2003| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoPalm & Pocket PC Programming
 A guide to developing applications for the main types of modern mobile devices-the Palm OS and the Pocket PC, this book focuses on using the new MobileVB tool from AppForge to create PDA applications. The applications developed are specifically for Palm devices, pocket computers with the Pocket PC/Windows CE operating system, and for Kyocera and similar communicators. Descriptions are of a different, free development environment from Microsoft-eMbedded VB 3.0-that allows programmers to create applications for pocket computers with the Pocket PC OS and its previous version, Windows CE.
 details: ISBN: 1931769206| pages: 320| language: english| published: 2003| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoPocket PC Clear & Simple (Clear & Simple (Digital))
 Pocket PC Clear & Simple is written by Craig Peacock, a recipient of Microsoft's "Windows CE MVP" award and one of the few Windows CE gurus outside of Microsoft. Drawing on his extensive experience running "Craig Peacock's Windows CE Pages," one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the topic, the author offers extensive tips, workarounds, and innovative solutions that will help readers get the most of a Pocket PC device. Consistent with the "Clear & Simple" series, this book features a very visual and engaging style.
 details: ISBN: 0750673540| pages: 160| language: english| published: 2001| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoPocket PC Database Development with eMbedded Visual Basic
 The Pocket PC is now the fastest growing platform for building handheld-based enterprise applications. Free from the memory limitations and underpowered processors of other handheld platforms, Pocket Access and eMbedded Visual Basic (VBasic) are providing the Pocket PC with the same one-two punch that MS Access and VBasic gave Windows application development in the early 1990s. As the first RAD development tool for the Pocket PC, eMbedded VBasic increases developer productivity and allows for the creation of a wide range of database applications to empower an increasingly mobile workforce.
 details: ISBN: 1893115658| pages: 288| language: english| published: 2001| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoPocket PC Developer's Guide
 Build real-world applications for Windows CE using this comprehensive developer's guide. Combining both theory and practical advice, this book will show you how to develop ActiveX controls, use embedded databases, and learn features of good multi-threaded design. Also included are debugging tips and tricks. Develop a full range of applications for Microsoft-powered mobile devices. Pocket PC Developer's Guide leads you through development of effective software designs and introduces a set of libraries and tools that significantly shortens your development time.
 details: ISBN: 0072131500| pages: 480| language: english| published: 2002| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoPocket PC Development in the Enterprise (With CD-ROM)
 Pocket PC Development in the Enterprise is the first book to explain how to exploit these trends by developing mobile enterprise solutions based on Microsoft's increasingly popular Pocket PC platform. To aid understanding, the book uses the story of a fictitious company, ACME Copier Inc, illustrating how their field service operation improves customer satisfaction and productivity via Pocket PC applications. The client- and server-side components that make it all work are included with the book, enabling the reader to reuse vital elements of the solution.
 details: ISBN: 0201750791| pages: 432| language: english| published: 2001| vendor: Amazon

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