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New user registration

Thank you for your interest in registration with Mobitola portal.

The compulsory cells are marked with "*". All other details are voluntary and either serve the statistics purposes, or as invoice details in case of the partners using our advertising services.

One of the benefits of registration is the possibility of advertising execution and usage of the extended services.

Account information
* login: username must have at least 3 characters
* password: password must have at least 5 characters, it is stored in the system in encrypted code
* password: enter the password and then re-enter it for verification
Contact information
your name: write your whole name (with surname)
* email: Information about registration process will be sent to the address. In case of forgotten password the communication proceeds via the entered e-mail.
cell phone: it is not a compulsory item, but it can speed up the communication in some cases
Developer information
development:  if you are concerned with development (as a company or as an individual), fill in your focus areas
Information about company
name: company name
street: name of street insert with street number
city: place of business (shall be used in case of advertising space invoicing)
ZIP code: ZIP code or postal code
country:  country of business (shall be used in case of advertising space invoicing)
description: Fill in the blank cell with description of your company, the details will be displayed in companies section. Enter all information which might be required by your customers.
email: email address provides the communication with customers
URL: internet address of company site
bearing:  choose the focus areas of the company (you can select several attributes)
logo: you can attach the company logo (max. 20kB)
Accounting information
BIN: Business Identification Number - accounting information (used in case of invoicing the advertisement)
VAT No. (or TR No.): Tax Registration No. / VAT No. - accounting information (used in case of invoicing the advertisement)
IBAN: International Bank Account Number (IBAN), when your account number has one. Contact your bank for more information. If you do not have IBAN, enter your account number.
BIC/S.W.I.F.T.: Bank Identifier Code (= SWIFT code of bank) is an international code of bank.
Receiving information by email
information email: by checking user permits receiving of information emails from Mobitola portal
information for developers: by checking user permits receiving of information emails with developer data from Mobitola portal

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