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pagelogoBlackBerry For Dummies (For Dummies)
 BlackBerry devices from Research in Motion (RIM) are today’s fastest growing handhelds; in May 2005, RIM reported more than three million subscribers, up from two million in November 2004. This guide comes to the rescue of BlackBerry users who are baffled by the confusing and inadequate official documentation. Offers easy-to-understand explanations of core features as well as savvy real-world tips and tricks to get more out of e-mail, business applications, utilities, and even games. Clearly delineates differences in various models and applications using tables, graphs, and sidebars.
 details: ISBN: 0471757411| pages: 360| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoBlackBerry in a Snap (Sams Teach Yourself)
 Wish your BlackBerry 7100 had come with a little more meat in the owner's manual? BlackBerry 7100 In a Snap is your wish come true. This task-oriented guide goes well beyond the BlackBerry 7100 owner's manual and guides you through its devices using practical usage scenarios. You will learn how to: manage your BlackBerry 7100 from your desktop, take control of e-mail with the built-in Web Client, text message, use your BlackBerry 7100 as the ultimate mobile phone, manage your time with the calendar, organize your to-do list with tasks.
 details: ISBN: 0672326701| pages: 384| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoHow to Do Everything with Your BlackBerry, Second Edition
 Learn to communicate in the wireless e-mail and Internet landscape. Discover how Blackberry--the portable, pocket-size wireless device-connects you to corporate e-mail and calendars, lets you create instant memos, and offers extensions like RIM Wallet for secure online purchases. Written by an experienced author and trainer, How to Do Everything with Your Blackberry guides you through every feature of the Blackberry and leads you to maximized functionality.
 details: ISBN: 0072255870| pages: 368| language: english| published: 2004| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoIntegrating Wireless Technology in the Enterprise: PDAs, Blackberries, and Mobile Devices
 Integrating Wireless Devices in the Enterprise provides a solution that every enterprise can use, described in terms of scope, feasibility and return on investment, architecture, and data structures. The solution Wheeler offers here is scalable from a single handheld and single desktop to small workgroup to large enterprise environments. The number of devices is not a determinant of success or failure. It's more often the planning and managing of them that's crucial.
 details: ISBN: 1555582958| pages: 403| language: english| published: 2003| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoMobile Guide to BlackBerry
 This step-by-step guide goes well-beyond the BlackBerry 7100 and 7200 owner's manual. With the help of the author, BlackBerry evangelist and BlackBerry developer publication contributor Bill Foust, you will be able to configure and customize your BlackBerry device to ensure and maximize usability and productivity. You will learn how to: configure and customize your BlackBerry, send and receive text and email messages, set alarms and reminders to keep you on schedule, browse the web any time, anywhere, install and use add-on applications such as expense trackers or interactive games.
 details: ISBN: 0789733439| pages: 240| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoProfessional BlackBerry
 This book is for those who support and maintain the BlackBerry environment within their company or who conduct internal development within an organization. How to plan disaster-recovery scenarios to provide the maximum uptime for users. How to take ideas learned in the book and apply them to your BlackBerry environment with the help of the sample scripts included. The components that that make up the BlackBerry infrastructure and how they all work together. How the Plazmic Media Engine allows the BlackBerry to display rich Web content while keeping the size of that content small.
 details: ISBN: 0764589539| pages: 308| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

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