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pagelogoBeginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional, Third Edition
 J2ME is a platform for wireless and mobile Java application development. Beginning J2ME makes this and all the fun you can have with it accessible to the first time wireless Java developer as well as useful to the experienced. This book includes coverage such as sound HTTPS support, lots of user interface API enhancements, a Game API, sound/music API, 3D graphics, Bluetooth, and much more. It’s easy to read with lots of practical hands-on and able to use code examples.
 details: ISBN: 1590594797| pages: 480| language: english| published: 2005| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoCore J2ME Technology
 J2ME is designed for devices with limited memory, display, and processing power including cellular phones, PDAs, and pagers. Part I starts with an overview of J2ME, configurations, and profiles, before explaining in detail the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). Part II details programming with MIDP, including exhaustive coverage of the MIDP programming interface, high-level and low-level user interface components, networking support, and persistent storage.
 details: ISBN: 0130669113| pages: 736| language: english| published: 2001| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoDeveloping Jini(TM) Applications Using J2ME(TM) Technology
 This book is your key to understanding and avoiding the common traps and pitfalls that await developers approaching Jini™ and J2ME™ technology for the first time. Using practical examples, diagrams, and sample code, Developing Jini™ Applications Using J2ME™ Technology provides the detailed roadmap needed to design and implement the applications necessary to make a Jini network function successfully.
 details: ISBN: 0201702444| pages: 368| language: english| published: 2002| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoEnterprise J2ME: Developing Mobile Java Applications
 This book helps experienced Java developers to build high-value mobile applications that take advantage of enterprise IT infrastructures. It also helps developers to add mobility features to existing enterprise solutions. It does not repeat the same basic J2ME/MIDP API tutorial covered by many other books. After a comprehensive analysis of the landscape and trends of the J2ME platform, the book uses the source code of several award-winning, real world applications to illustrate the design, architecture and best practices of end-to-end smart mobile solutions.
 details: ISBN: 0131405306| pages: 448| language: english| published: 2003| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoInstant Wireless Java with J2ME
 Now you can get up to speed on the technology all the major wireless players—Palm, Handspring, RIM (Blackberry), Nokia, and Sony—are implementing with this hands-on resource. Ideal for developers, this thorough and precise book addresses Java support to consumer and embedded wireless devices, including mobile phones, pagers, PDAs, digital television setup boxes, and much more.
 details: ISBN: 0072191759| pages: 608| language: english| published: 2002| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoJ2ME Enterprise Development
 This hands-on developer's guide shows you how to use standard J2ME packages such as CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) and MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) as platforms for a wide range of enterprise applications. Discussions of J2ME's capabilities and limitations compared with other Java editions help you understand where and how to put J2ME to use. Enterprise-level examples include a detailed, end-to-end solution that demonstrates a portable GUI, data storage, back-end connectivity, and other key aspects of J2ME development.
 details: ISBN: 0764549006| pages: 384| language: english| published: 2002| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoJ2ME Game Programming
 Have you ever seen players? eyes light up as they explore the worlds that you?ve created in your games? If you have, then game development probably has you hooked firmly in its grasp! If you?ve never taken your games beyond the PC, now's the time! "J2ME Game Programming" is a hands-on guide that teaches you how to create games for micro-devices. You?ll be amazed at just how cool the games you create can look and play. Focusing primarily on mobile phone game creation, you?ll jump right in and create your own games as you work your way through the book.
 details: ISBN: 1592001181| pages: 800| language: english| published: 2004| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoJ2ME Games With MIDP2
 (Carol Hamer's) enthusiasm for the topic comes through and makes you wants to try the many sample games. If you're looking for a book written by a games industry insider with a clear voice, this is it. The excellent text is complemented by rich, well-written example games. From graphics to sound to networking, this book will teach you how to create games using the full power of MIDP 2.0.
 details: ISBN: 1590593820| pages: 304| language: english| published: 2004| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoJ2ME in a Nutshell (O'Reilly Java)
 To the experienced Java developer, J2ME (the Java 2 Micro Edition) looks just familiar enough to be tempting, but just different enough to warrant caution. J2ME in a Nutshellprovides the extra security you need when venturing into programming for cell phones, PDAs and other consumer electronic devices. It gives you the reference material you need for J2ME, together with a tutorial that leverages your existing knowledge and teaches you what is different about J2ME without boring you to tears with details you already know.
 details: ISBN: 059600253X| pages: 478| language: english| published: 2002| vendor: Amazon

pagelogoJ2ME v kostce
 Kniha podrobně probírá všechny vlastnosti platformy J2ME určené pro vývoj aplikací pro malá zařízení – především pak pro mobilní telefony. V prvé části autor vysvětlí specifika této platformy, druhá pak může sloužit jako referenční příručka. Výklad zahrnuje i nejnovější platformu MIDP 2.0. Kniha je neocenitelnou náhradou originální anglické dokumentace.
 details: ISBN: 8024704269| pages: 536| language: czech| published: 2004| vendor: Grada Publishing, a.s.

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