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Andorra - STA
 STA: Servei de Telecomunicacions d'Andorra: operador en telefonia mòbil i fixa, pàgines grogues i blanques, ADSL, Serveis d'oci, Teletarges, MMS, SMS

Austria - Mobilkom
 Our large market shares in attractive customer-segments offer great potential for mobile data services. The world's first GPRS network and the first nation-wide UMTS network in Europe show that mobilkom austria is well prepared for the future of mobile communication.

Austria - ONE
 Since 26th October 1998, ONE has been renowned as a trendsetter on the Austrian mobile telephony market: As first provider of nation-wide GSM 1800 technology, with innovative services and customer-oriented products. At the end of 2005 more than 1.65 million customers benefited from the advantages of the ONE mobile network quality. As of June 2005 ONE had roaming agreements with about 300 partners in 140 countries.

Austria - T-Mobile
 T-Mobile Austria is the most successful trend setter on the Austrian mobile phone market. As a strong national player and as part of T-Mobile International, one of the world’s leading mobile phone suppliers, T-Mobile Austria stands for innovation and dynamics based on the highest possible level of customer and market focus. T-Mobile Austria has around 2 million customers making it the most established company on the Austrian mobile phone market.

Austria - tele.ring
 tele.ring is the only full service provider with it's own fiber glass fixed network (1012) and a modern mobile network (0650) that covers 98% of the Austrian population. tele.ring's 570 employees service over 973.000 mobile, data and internet customers.

Belarus - Velcom GSM
 JV Mobile Digital Communications Ltd. (MDC) - GSM 900/1800 standard – (VELCOM and Privet trademarks) is the first cellular communications operator and official representative of the satellite communications operator “Globalstar” in the Republic of Belarus.The company started its commercial operation 16 April 1999.

Belgium - BASE
 BASE is the fastest growing mobile operator in Belgium. Last year over 400,000 GSM users switched to BASE. Thanks to its competitive and transparent rates, each day more than 2,000 customers choose BASE. Because with BASE they can make more calls while paying much less.

Belgium - Belgacom Mobile
 The first mobile telecommunications operator in Belgium, Proximus is a brand of Belgacom Mobile S.A., a subsidiary of Belgacom S.A. and of its partner Vodafone. The leader in its sector, Proximus uses the most innovative technology to guarantee a superior call quality for its users.

Belgium - Mobistar
 Since its creation, Mobistar has always set out to provide its residential and business customers with the best possible call quality. It is this respect for our customers that has encouraged us today to further modernise our infrastructure.

Bulgaria - Mtel
 M-Tel is the market leader in Bulgaria and one of the most successful mobile operators in Europe.

Croatia - T-Mobile
 Today, T-Mobile Croatia counts almost 1,7 million satisfied customers. With the increasing number of mobile phone users, the need for base stations and antennas, without which calls would be impossible, also increases.

Croatia - VIPnet
 VIPnet is the first private GSM operator in Croatia. In September 1998. VIPnet was grannted concession of the second GSM network in Croatia and VIPnet’s network started working in July 1999. The company is in 100%-ownership of mobilkom austria and is a member of mobilkom austria Group, whose members are mobilkom austria (Austria), VIPnet (Croatia), Si.mobil (Slovenija) and Mobilkom Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein), as well as the newest group member - Mobiltel (Bulgaria).

Czech Republic - Eurotel
 Eurotel is the leading operator in the Czech mobile telecommunications market. At the end of March 2005, the company had more than 4.6 million registered customers.

Czech Republic - T-Mobile
 T-Mobile Czech Republic establishes and operates a public mobile communication network on the GSM standard in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands and provides mobile telecommunications services pertaining to this network.

Czech Republic - Vodafone
 Vodafone Czech Republic a.s. - A provider of mobile telco services and part of the largest mobile group in the world, used by customers in around 30 countries across 3 continents.

Denmark - Sonofon
 Sonofon is a Danish Telco offering communication with special emphasis on low cost, useful and above all simple solutions. Sonofon aim to enable people to communicate simply and securely as they like, when they like and where they like.

Denmark - TDC Mobil
 TDC Mobil er det førende selskab på det danske mobilmarked, og det har vi tænkt os at blive ved med at være. Vores kunder er både privatpersoner, virksomheder og andre mobilselskaber, som bruger vores net. Vi tror på, at de mest loyale kunder er de meget tilfredse kunder, og derfor har vi sat ekstra energi ind på, at vores kunder skal have en god oplevelse, når de handler med os.

Estonia - EMT
 EMT is the leading Estonian mobile connection operator with the largest coverage area, best quality and the most clients. We manage two mobile connection nets: digital GSM 900 and GSM 1800 net. EMT is the right choice for the person who always chooses the best.

Estonia - Radiolinja
 Radiolinja - Estonian GSM operator

Estonia - Tele 2
 Tele 2 - Estonian GSM operator

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