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Brew developer
 BREW provides comprehensive business development (developer relations) and technical support, beginning with the BREW SDK® and development tools, and including application testing assistance, application distribution management and near-real time application sales reporting.

DoJa Developer Network
 DoJa:Technology for Creating "i-appli," i-mode Java Applications . I-mode's revolutionary Java-based i-appli service allows users of compatible handsets to download advanced software and content from more than 1,059 Web sites. They can then use the downloaded applications / content whenever they want, without having to reconnect to the Internet.

 mophun™, a product of Synergenix Interactive, is a gaming accelerator designed to bridge the gap between traditional console based and mobile games. It is designed to harness the hardware resources of a mobile and create an unparallelled gaming experience on phones regardless of their hardware specifications.

Soft4GSM - database for Mobile Business professionals
 Mobile business Professionals, find on this website all the stuff you need : software, firmwares, flash files, manuals, repair videos, and even more - Mobile Phone Programming
 Mobile BASIC 2.1 allows your PC to create programs for your Java enabled Mobile Phone using our easy to learn version of the BASIC programming language. The language features integer, long, floating point and string variables, logarithm and trigonometry functions, network communications and graphics facilities. The development environment also includes integrated Map, Tile and Image editors.

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