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BSQUARE - trusted solutions for smart devices
 BSQUARE is a leading provider of smart device solutions to Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile device makers. As a full-service vendor, BSQUARE offers a team of trusted advisors with a proven track record in consulting and engineering, a portfolio of innovative software products, and unmatched Microsoft Windows licensing expertise.

Intellisync Corporation
 Intellisync: Specializing in wireless email, pda software, pocket pc software, remote access, virtual private network, synchronize, palm sync, file sharing, data synchronization, sync, pda, synchronization, and sync outlook.

PocketC Programming for PocketPC and Windows CE
 The PocketC language is nowhere near ANSI standard C. It is in fact far closer to Java or Visual Basic than C, with strings as a native data type, support for a range of hard-coded events, and no memory allocation. It's a very small language, lacking in such features as direct access to the Win32 API, compound data structures, and macros. Despite this you can write a wide variety of applications because its library includes graphics, registry, file system, and many other functions that in turn call the Wi

Smorgasbordet - Pelles C
 Pelles C for Windows is a complete development kit for Windows and Pocket PC. It contains among other things an optimizing C compiler, a linker, a resource compiler, a message compiler, a make utility and install builders for both Windows and Pocket PC.

Windows Mobile for Developers - Development tools, resources and programs
 Learn how to develop and deliver innovative applications for Microsoft windows-based devices, using development tools, resources and programs. Windows Mobile software extends the familiarity of the Windows experience to mobile devices, like Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, and Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers. Learn what you can do with Windows Mobile.

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