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We do not guarantee content of presented advertisements.

You can purchase and sell anything concerning mobile communication in the advertisement section. We thank you for not inserting advertisements which the portal Mobitola is not intended for. Further we thank you for adhering to the internet etiquette when inserting new advertisements.

Sections marked as For Sale are intended for the sellers to place their offers. Sections marked as For Purchase contain advertisements of the purchase applicants. Thank you for adhering to the rules when inserting new advertisements.

An advertisement is valid for the period of one month from its insertion into the system. After the date of expiry you shall be sent an e-mail with indulgence requirement.

Please, contact us if you have any ideas for new advertisement sections which the other users could benefit from.

We are happy that you use the Mobitola portal advertisement system. We shall improve it further and add new services which shall make its usage more convenient.

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